American Dance Institute Launches Scholarship Initiative to Promote Racial Diversity in Dance Training

Diversity is a hot-button topic in today’s dance world. It’s often linked to conversations about the rise of Misty Copeland, and there have been many notable outreach efforts, such as Charlotte Ballet’s partnership with Dance Theatre of Harlem, American Ballet Theatre’s Project Plié, The Washington Ballet’s recently launched program called Let’s Dance Together and the work done by the International Association of Blacks in Dance.

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Enter the CSDA September Photo Contest


Every month #CSDA is going to have a different photo challenge and the staff will pick the best photo relating to the theme. The month of September’s theme will be “dance is our story”. Post a photo showing our CSDA story and what that means to you. Our CSDA story has written itself through out the last 13 years. Every memory, laugh, tear has gone into making our unique story. Share a photo that best documents our journey and explain your chapter in the CSDA story. Be sure you tag #CSDA and #danceisourstory for a chance to win. Winning photo will be featured on the CSDA website.

Centre stage dance academy wins big at major dance event

Trip to Showstopper Dance Championships was An Exciting One

530803_10151505724945192_1647238985_nMonrovia, CA–Feb 15, 2013– In Anaheim last weekend, Centre Stage Dance Academy competed against dozens of dance studios and over 1500 routines from around the state and area for prestigious top honors at Showstopper, the largest Dance Competition in the Country. Their entries placed as follows: ”A Star Is Born” received 8th place overall in Mini Performance Small, ”Swing With Me” received 7th place overall in Mini Performance Duet/Trio, ”God Bless Texas” received 6th place overall in Mini Performance Large.

In our Junior Age Category Nicole Slessor received 6th place overall in Junior Performance Solo, “Trouble received 6th place overall in Junior Performance Duet/Trio, ”Viva Elvis” received 10th place overall ‘I’m Getting Good At Being Bad” received 9th place overall and ”Gangnam Style” received 4th place overall in Junior Performance Small Group.

Tatum Relock received 9th place overall and Maddie Buonsanti received 10th place overall in Teen Performance Solo.

Sarah Shahan received 10th place overall in Senior Performance Solo. In Senior Advanced Solos, Kevin Vogel placed 10th overall, Jordan Wilhelm received 9th place and Kelsi Barbata received 8th overall. ”Keep Holding On” received 9th place overall in Teen Advanced Duet/Trio and “Skinny Love” received 2nd overall in the same category.

Senior Advanced Small Groups saw “Red” taking 10th overall, “Like A Boy” received 3rd overall and ”Schindler’s List” won the entire category with a 1st place overall in Senior Advanced Small Group.

Finishing off for CSDA was “Aye Carumba” which received 2nd place overall in Senior Advanced Large. Centre Stage Dance Academy received 4 double platinum awards; 16 platinum awards; 15 gold awards; This qualifies them to go to the Showstopper National Finals in either Sandusky, Myrtle Beach, Anaheim, or Galveston this summer.

Gold 1st –

Petite Solos:

  • Princess Espinoza “Call Me A Princess”
  • Brooklyn Ahrens “Born To Be Wild”
  • Holly Martinez “Show Ya How”

Petite Trio –

  • “Swing With Me” Petite Groups – Rising Stars
  • “Little Shop Of Horrors”
  • “Ease On Down The Road”

Junior Solos:

  • Quezia Popovich “The Corpse Bride”
  • Zella Goodman “King Creole”
  • Kelly Sweeney “A Wild, Wild Party”
  • Kelli Kuttruff “Stuff Like That There”

Junior Duet –

  • Kelly & Tatum “Trouble”

Senior Solos –

  • Sarah Shahan “Oh Industry”
  • Hailey Konovalov “It’s Nicer In Nice”

Senior Trio –

  • “Keep Holding On”

Platinum 1st –
Petite Groups –

  • God Bless Texas “Shining Stars” A Star Is Born

Junior Solos –

  • Nicole Slessor “When You’re Good To Mama”

Junior Groups –

  • Shooting Stars “I’m Getting Good At Being Bad” & “Viva Elvis”

Teen Solos –

  • Maddy Buonsanti “Shimmy Like They Do In Paree”
  • Tatum Relock “My Strongest Suit”
  • Francesca DeFrancisco “If They Could See Me Now”

Senior Solos –

  • Mattea Malerba “Girl With One Eye”
  • Flo Bondi “Addicted”
  • Kailyn Elliott “Why Don’t You Do Right”
  • Kevin Vogel “Game On”
  • Kendyl Fournier “Yellow”
  • Jordan Wilhelm “Ave Maria”
  • Kelsi Barbata “Without A Word”

Senior Trio –

  • “Skinny Love”

Senior Groups –

  • Broadway Stars “Red”

Double Platinum 1st –

Junior Groups –

  • Shooting Stars “Gangnam Style”

Senior Groups –

  • Super Stars “Schindler’s List” & “Like A Boy”
  • All Stars – “Aye Carumba”

CSDA one of the Top 50 Dance Studios in the USA

BD Dancewear names CSDA one of the top 50 studios in the nation.

“#21—Centre Stage Dance Academy’s (“CSDA”) mission is to provide professional levels of dance to students of all ages. Their dancers are given the opportunity to learn various styles and experience all areas of dance in a positive learning environment. While choreographing a production for another studio, CSDA’s Owner and Artistic Director Allison Hooper believed that her career was at a stalemate. She had always wanted to open her own studio and this seemed like the opportune time to do so. Almost immediately, she started the process to create Centre Stage Dance Academy and in March 2002 they opened their doors. They started with a small 1000 square foot building with 22 students. That quickly morphed into a larger, 4500 square foot building with students overflowing out the doors. CSDA is proud to offer their community a unique artistic experience. They promote both proper technique and healthy lifestyle. Their well-rounded staff was carefully selected from professionals working in the business. CSDA offers a variety of unique performing experiences each year, specifically in its annual recital held at the Haugh Performing Arts Center at Citrus College. Through CSDA’s affiliation with Centre Stage, Inc., their students have the chance to participate in main stage Broadway productions. In addition, they have the opportunity to compete. In their first year, CSDA’s team was honored with two Grand National Championship Titles. Not only are their students offered the usual weekly classes, they are given opportunities to take master classes throughout their training. These classes feature noted working professionals as teaches. Allison and CSDA’s staff are often asked to choreograph for other well-known venues.”

View the whole article here: http://blog.bdancewear.com/top-50-dance-studios-21-30/