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CSDA is a blend of creativity, technique, and heart. Embrace diverse dance styles, learn from top-notch instructors, and shine in our annual showcases. Ready to dance your story?
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Dive into the rhythm of life at Centre Stage Dance Academy. Here, young dancers find their feet and their confidence, blossoming under the spotlight. Every lesson is a step towards mastery, joy, and self-expression.
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Miss Alison
Founder & Teacher

Eddie Garcia
Dance Instructor

Kayla Rowland
Asst. Comp Team Dir.

Amanda Hillis
Dance Instructor

Our StoryOver Two Decadesof Dance ExcellenceEST. 2001

Centre Stage Dance Academy has grown from a single room to a bustling hub with three studios, a dynamic competition team, and grand annual recitals.

CSDA has grown its offerings over the years and now offers over fifty varied classes a week.


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With 22 years under our belt, over 3000 students have called us home, flourishing under the guidance of world-class talents. Our legacy is written in every step, every beat, and every story.