Parent Info

  • Our email address is
  • Studio phone number is 626.357.8308
  • Please update your contacts and set your security settings to receive emails from
  • Email will be used to contact you with information regarding scheduling changes, billing questions etc.
  • If you do not have an email account, please be sure our Front Desk is aware so that you can receive notifications in another manner.
  • Also, be sure to follow our Facebook Page (Centre Stage Dance Academy-CSDA) and Instagram Account (centrestagedanceacademy_csda)
  • Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Annual Registration Fee is $25 for the first dancer and $20 for each sibling.
  • Tuition will be posted on the 5th of each month. CSDA uses “Studio Director” for all tuition payments. An online account must be set up and a credit card must be on file. Please set up your online account at the following link:
  • If Credit Card/autopay is declined, a $25 fee will be incurred. 
  • Any accounts past due 30 days will suspend all CSDA activities until the account is resolved. 
  • Tuition is based on an average of 4 classes per month. No additional charge applied when a 5th lesson occurs, nor is there a deduction when fewer than 4 classes are held due to a major holiday, absence, or recital. 

       • Students who wish to drop their classes or from the studio must inform the front desk TWO WEEKS PRIOR  to the date of their next tuition in order to avoid the next                month’s billing cycle. If a two-week notice is not given, the client will be charged the following month’s tuition.

Drop in class rate – $20 

1 class/wk = $65 / month 

2 classes/wk = $120 / month 

3 classes/wk = $165 / month 

4 classes/wk = $195 / month

5 classes/wk = $225 / month

6 classes/wk = $255 / month 

7 classes/wk = $275 / month 

8+ “unlimited” classes/wk = $295 month



Drop in class rate = $15 

 1 class/wk = $55 / month 

2 class/wk = $100 / month

3 classes/wk = $135 / month

*30 min class = $45 / month  



  • We offer 10% discounts for siblings of current dancers. 
  • Class levels are broken down by age group
  • It is at the discretion of the teacher if your child’s ability will place them with older dancers
  • You should not expect to move up a level each year.  Most dancers spend a few years in each level before progressing. 
  • Some age groups will have different level classes within the age group (intermediate/advanced) these will be differentiated on the schedule, and dancers will move levels at the discretion of their teacher. 
  • TOTS classes are 45 minutes long, all other classes are 1 hour unless otherwise specified.  Every class will include 3-5 minutes of transition time for dancers to change shoes, get a drink of water etc.  This is to ensure every class starts on time!

*Must be these ages by Sept 1st

TOTS •  ages 3-5

MINI • ages 5-6

PETITE  • ages 7-8

JUNIOR • ages 9-11

PRE-TEEN • ages 11-14



  • Students will be evaluated during the registration process and during the first few weeks of class to make sure they are in the right level. Placement is based solely on ability and age. This is done at the discretion of the director and instructors. CSDA reserves the right to shift students into other classes if their ability does not match the level of the class, as determined solely by CSDA staff. All decisions are made with the dancers’ best interests at heart!
  • If current dancers wish to advance to more difficult level classes or older age range, you must request a student evaluation. Staff members will then watch the student in their current class and contact you with recommendations and/or a plan for placement. Each dancer and each situation is different, which is why we tailor our response to create truly personalized recommendations. 

All students are eligible to sign up for age-appropriate beginner level classes.

  • Attendance is imperative for consistent progress for the entire class. It is important that your child attend dance class every week. 
  • If injured, your student should come and observe class.
  • There will be NO refunds or credits given for missed classes. These classes can be made up in another age/level appropriate class within 30 days or it will be forfeited. Your tuition must be current to use any makeup classes.  You must be currently enrolled to take make-up classes. .


Students who wish to drop their classes or from the studio must inform the front desk two-weeks prior to the date of their next tuition in order to avoid the next month’s billing cycle. If a two-week notice is not given, the client will be charged the following month’s tuition.

  • Private lessons are booked through the front desk staff and Miss Alison

      Rates vary by teacher


  • Please pack your child’s dance shoes and water bottle in a small dance bag. 
  • If you are changing attire/shoes for the next class, it must be done in the 3-5 minutes that the teacher allows. If the change cannot be done in five minutes, you must have appropriate attire and hair for all your classes.


  • All black – bra top, tank top, shorts, or leggings are fine
  • Hair must be up and out of your face 
  • No excessive jewelry 
  • Appropriate shoes matching the style of the class – tennis shoes suggested for Hip Hop


  • White T-shirt, or CSDA shirt
  • Black gym shorts, sweat pants, or leggings are fine
  • Appropriate shoes matching the style of the class – sneakers suggested for Hip Hop


  • Hair up and out of your face (bun or ponytail) 
  • Black leotard 
  • Pink or toast tights 
  • Ballet Shoes
  • NO shorts/skirts etc


  • Any color leotard
  • Hair must be up and out of your face 
  • No excessive jewelry 
  • Appropriate shoes matching the style of the class 
  • Tutus and Ballet dresses allowed 
  • Tights not required


  • We have a multitude of used shoes at the studio.  If we have your size and the type of shoe you need, you are welcome to rent the shoes for $2/class.
  • The shoes should be paid for before class and returned after class.  They are not to be taken home.

*We will have “free dress week” twice a semester. Enchanted Dancewear in Monrovia gives CSDA students a 15% discount.

  • Centre Stage Dance Academy expects all dancers and observers to conduct themselves in a manner respectful to others and to themselves at all times. 
  • No rough housing or loud voices are tolerated. 
  • Please respect the classes in progress by keeping the lobby as quiet and clean as possible. 
  • Please do not interrupt the teacher while a class is in session. The Front Desk receptionist is available to assist you or make arrangements for you to speak with an instructor. 
  • Running, tumbling and tapping are not allowed in the studio lobby. 
  • Please supervise siblings at all times and teach them the dance studio lobby etiquette. All observers, regardless of age, are expected to meet these expectations or will be asked to leave, in the interest and respect of the dancers in class. 
  • A dancer’s focus should be on the instructor and their class. Parents who cannot refrain from communicating with or correcting their child through the studio door will be asked to leave. 
  • Please do not sit in front of the front door or bathroom door. 
  • Do not go behind the Front Desk at any time. 


  • If your child needs to utilize the homework room, please inform our office staff. The room is for homework only, not to hang out or get dressed in. 
  • Please tell your child to clean up after themselves. If the homework room is messy and students do not use it for its intended purpose, they will not be allowed to use the room. 
  • No food/drink (except water)
  • No gum
  • No cell phones 
  • No disruptive talking 
  • Use bathroom before or after class 
  • Bring water
  • Be respectful to all classmates, teachers and CSDA staff. 
  • No correcting other students. This is the teacher’s job. 
  • No judging other classmates’ talent or ability. The teacher decides who is able to take class, not you. 
  • Do not hang or lean on the barres. 
  • Be a role model in all aspects. 
  • Be kind.
  • If the teacher feels any of these rules are broken, they have the right to ask a student to sit out and discontinue their participation for the remainder of the class. 
  • It is very important that you maintain a positive attitude and to be respectful toward teachers, choreographers, and other dancers by your body language/demeanor, communication both verbally, and outside of class when on  Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and/or Twitter postings. 

Inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated and may cause removal from CSDA completely with NO REFUND.

  • If you have any questions regarding your child, please refrain from asking teachers in between classes. Just like your child will need the transition period between classes, so do the teachers. If you have any questions or concerns about your child or the class, please set up a meeting with Miss Alison or request a progress report be sent home with your child. 

       • If a teacher is having any concerns about a student’s in-class participation or behavior, they may request a parent teacher conference or send home a progress report with the student.

  • Parents are not permitted into the dance studio unless invited by an instructor or studio owner
  • Please allow your dancer to enter the studio unaccompanied, sending the clear message that they are to follow the direction of their instructor during their class time.

       • Teeny & Tots classes WILL ALLOW PARENTS TO OBSERVE  the last 10 minutes of classes on the last class of the month. The dates of Observation Weeks are listed in our yearly calendar. If you are unable to come that week, you will not be able to come on another week.

  • Street Parking is available on Olive Ave, or there is Free Parking in the Paragon building parking lot (off E. Walnut).
  • Please DO NOT double park, drop your child off in the middle of the street 
  • Please DO NOT park in the building to the east of CSDA, they will tow you.
  • Please DO NOT pull into the driveway at the front of the studio and park. 
  • Please drop off no more than 5 min early and pick up your child promptly at the end of class.
  • Dancers must come fully dressed and ready to dance. 
  • Sanitizer stations are set up in the lobby and outside each studio. 
  • Students must wait INSIDE the building to be picked up.
  • CSDA reserves the right to cancel a class if fewer than 5 kids are enrolled. CSDA reserves the right to change the schedule and/or cancel classes at any time. Classes are subject to change. Especially with newly scheduled classes, check the website for the most up-to-date information.

Email will be used to contact you with information regarding scheduling, information, class changes, billing questions and important information. Please set your security settings to receive emails from

Each December CSDA puts on an in-studio holiday recital!  Since there is limited seating in the studio we have multiple shows over the course of four days, and ask dancers to participate in as many shows as possible so each performance is as exciting as the next!  Costumes for this recital are kept simple, and you may have the option to rent OR buy your dancer’s costume.  Parents help put together a hot chocolate bar and reception after each show for families to mingle and congratulate their dancers!  Dates and other details will be emailed to you in the months leading up to the recital.  CSDA also marches in the Monrovia Holiday Parade in December!  Parents and dancers are welcome to join in the parade!

Each June CSDA puts on a recital that showcases what all of the students have been working on over the past year. Below is information about what goes on during the weeks prior to the recital. There will be more info emailed to you as the recital gets closer!


  • The recital is held at HAUGH PAC, CITRUS COLLEGE
  • 1000 W Foothill Blvd, Glendora, CA 91741


It is expected that your child will be participating in the CSDA recital. If your child is enrolled and participating in a class, teachers will be placing them in routines unless notified otherwise.

Recital Contracts

  • We ask that every CSDA dancer turn in a contract confirming their participation in our recital. This is to be sure that you and your dancer understand the responsibility of being part of such a big show!
  • Contracts will be emailed out to you at the end of February or early March. We ask that you print out, sign and return your contract to Miss Debbie by March 14th with your costume deposits.


  • Teachers pick costumes for their class routine. Please note, we try to keep the costs of costumes to a minimum (average of $50-$70). 
  • Student will be measured (usually during February) so CSDA can order accurate sizes.
  • There is a $25 deposit per costume due March 14th. 
  • Costumes must be paid in full by June 1st. 
  • You must pay for costumes in full before you can purchase tickets to the recital.

Spirit Week/Combined Class Week

  • There will be a revised schedule emailed to you for Combine Class Week.
  • During this week your child will be welcome to come to ANY class scheduled for their age group.
  • There is no extra charge for any extra classes they attend. 
  • They are not required to attend any extra classes. If they can only make it to one class- that’s fine! If they want to take three- that’s also fine!
  • We do Combined Class week so your kids can have as many chances as possible to practice their routines before the recital. Extra classes are opportunities to not only work on the routine with their teacher, but to get more and more comfortable with performing by first dancing in front of their peers!
  • Wear red and black to show your CSDA Spirit!

In-Studio Run Thru(s)

  • At the end of Combined Class Week there will be a run through of the recital AT THE STUDIO.
  • Dancers should arrive in their first costume with hair and make up done. A running order of the show will be emailed to you prior so you know what their first costume will be.
  • Please be sure all costumes and shoes are labeled. We suggest bringing your dancers things in a small box or basket.

Tech at Haugh PAC

This is when we will set lights and spacing for each dance in the recital AT THE THEATER.


While this rehearsal may seem “unimportant” if your child is only in a couple of numbers, it is actually SUPER important! Remember, this is a 1400 seat theatre and for many the very first time they will step on a stage, be “blinded” by the stage lights and not have a mirror to watch their friends if they forget a step. This extra day at the theatre gives them one more chance to practice before their friends and family get there on the day of the show.

  • Not required for Tots
  • Mandatory for CSDA Comp Team
  • Highly suggested for ALL dancers! (including Tots)
  • No Parents allowed in the building for this rehearsal
  • There is a $5 parking fee. You may want to consider carpooling. Parking permits can be purchased at the Kiosk by the theatre
  • Dressing rooms are assigned, and you may not switch rooms!
  • You will need to sign in and out of every rehearsal, so we know when you are on campus and when you have left. Sign in’s will be at each dressing room
  • This is a Dress Rehearsal. Costumes, hair and makeup should be done for this rehearsal.
  • There is no set dinner break for this rehearsal, so parents please pack a dinner or bring food for them. They will be allowed to go to the garden patio when they have a small break between routines.
  • If your child is only in a couple of routines, they will be able to leave as soon as their routine is done.
  • Parents please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to rehearsal ending so that no staff member is required to stay late. Thank you.

Dress Rehearsal at Haugh PAC

  • Mandatory for ALL CSDA dancers
  • Parents ARE  allowed to come in and take pics and videos of this dress rehearsal. There is a $5 fee per person who wants to watch the  dress rehearsal. This fee goes directly to the added hours for the janitor. 
  • Please no food or drink in the audience.
  • This is a dress rehearsal. Costumes, hair and makeup should be done for this rehearsal.
  • There is a $5 parking fee
  • Please sign in and out on the sign in sheets in your dressing room when you arrive and leave.

Day of Recital

  • Please come dressed in the Opening Number costume with hair and makeup done.
  • There is NO parking fee the night of the recital.
  • Please make sure all of your costumes and shoes are labeled!

Candy/Flower Grams

  • Candy grams are a fun way of letting your child know who is at the show to support them.
  • The candy grams will be available to purchase before the show and at intermission. 
  • They cost $2 and include a piece of candy/snack. Flower grams are $5. You may add a personalized note that will be stapled onto their candy/rose. 
  • We ask that you donate one box of Full Size Candy  per dancer in your family to help make Candy Grams happen! You may also contribute $20 cash if that is easier for you. 

You can drop off your donations at the studio front desk in the weeks leading up to the recital. Make sure you label it with your dancer’s name so we can give you credit.



  • This will take place during the dress rehearsal at CSDA
  • This photoshoot is FREE!
  • Each routine will be photographed before they run their dance
  • The photos will be accessible on our website and Facebook page!


  • This photoshoot is NOT required
  • $45 per costume you want to be photographed in
  • Time and date for this photoshoot will be emailed to you 
  • You will pay the photographer in person on the day of the photoshoot


  • Tickets for the recital go on sale early! Dates will be emailed to you along with prices, ticket order form, and a seating chart. 
  • The Haugh Performing Arts Center is a 1400 seat venue, and we find that having reserved seating ends up being the most successful. 
  • Tickets are sold  on a first come first serve basis. 
  • There will be different seating prices depending on how close you are to the stage. 
  • Your June tuition and costumes must be paid in full before you can purchase tickets

There is no ticket requirement to participate in our recital, however we ask every family to purchase 10 tickets to help offset the cost of the theatre. (10 per family, not per child.)

Recital Hair and Makeup

Our CSDA COMPETITION TEAM is created for dancers who “live, eat, drink, and breathe” dance. For those who regard dance as one of their most important extracurricular activities. The intention for the COMPETITION TEAM is to provide dancers with opportunities beyond the four walls of their studio; to inspire, to motivate, to challenge, and to enrich.  “Competition” is not just about winning; it is about inspiring and striving to be the best you can be and about sharing your passion. We have earned our reputation for excellence with a solid commitment to your progress by consistently providing excellent teachers, individual attention, diversity of styles and a healthy learning environment.

Being a member of our team is an honor and a privilege. As a team member you will be representing CSDA and you will also be a role model for other dancers in our studio, whether on the team or not. It is very important that you maintain a positive attitude, are inclusive to all dancers at CSDA and be respectful toward teachers, choreographers, and other dancers. 

For more detailed info on comp fees and schedule please contact the studio directly

Elite Team

  • Beginner-Advanced Level
  • Intense and specified training program 
  • Competitive performance environment
  • All Elite Team dancers are required to be in a minimum of 1 ballet and 1 technique class
  • Int/Adv level dancers who wish to be considered for a solo, duet, or trio must be enrolled in 2 ballet classes, 1 technique class, and a combo class. 
  • Dancers will be in 3-4 group routines, one must be the Production routine, and a large group or super line. 
  • Dancers will perform at the CSDA recital, compete in 4 Regional Competitions, one convention, one National Competition, and may have other outside performance/competition opportunities as well
  • Solos, Duets, and Trios will be at the discretion of the staff

Performance Team

  • For dancers 3 and up
  • Beginner-Intermediate Level
  • Primary focus on training and team building
  • Dancers age 3-8 must be in a minimum of  1-2 classes per week
  • Dancers age 9+ must be in a minimum of 2-3 classes per week
  • Dancers will be in 1 or 2 group routines 
  • Dancers will perform their group routine(s) at the recital and participate in 2-3 Regional Competitions
  • Solos, Duets, and Trios will be at the discretion of the staff


Elite Team Auditions take place in early August.  Performance Team auditions take place in September.  Emails will be sent out with exact dates prior to auditions.

CSDA may hold workshops in the week before auditons for dancers to get comfortable and feel confident with the audition combo.  If you cannot attend the workshops- you can still audition! The combo will be taught again on the day of the audition.  Workshop times will be broken down by age group.  Teachers may ask dancers to attend a time slot outside of their age group, but that will be at the discretion of the CSDA staff.

Attendance/Commitment Policy

As with any program, steady attendance is a requirement for success. Failure to meet such requirements can lead to dismissal from a routine, performances or require an adjustment in level. Communication is key in regard to attendance. Class attendance is equally important as comp rehearsals. Any student that continually misses class, will need to meet with Miss Alison to discuss and evaluate.  All absences must be given to Miss Alison in advance and dancers will be required to learn the choreography before the next rehearsal.