Erin Umphenour | Instructor

ErinErin is so excited to be teaching dance and Barre Sculpt at Center Stage Dance Academy.  Erin trained at a very well recognized school of dance and musical theatre on the East Coast.  She danced her way through almost every single lead of the Nutcracker and received the “Most Distinguished Performer” award as a child at Starlight Competitions.  She was accepted on to the reigning champions of collegiate team dancing, the Towson University Dance Team, and helped them win their eighth consecutive national title.  Erin moved to Los Angeles for school, but took a detour when she got the job as a Lakers Girl.  Erin cheered the Lakers on to back-to-back championships and performed at the All-Star game during her third and final year.

As both an athlete and a classically trained ballerina, Erin has found Barre workouts to be the most energizing, satisfying, and effective ways to strengthen core, define muscles, and give her derriere a great lift.  Barre Sculpt is a one-hour, high energy but low cardio workout program designed to tone and sculpt every muscle group from head to toe.  It consists of low impact, tucking and pulsing isometric movements to get deep into the muscle, working it to exhaustion, and leaving you amped and ready for more.  Barre workouts are ideal even for people with injuries because of its low impact design and muscle definition results are guaranteed within two weeks with a dedicated and disciplined schedule and regimen.  She is great at providing a super fun class that will leave you sweaty and inspired! Erin is incredibly excited to bring her love for the barre to CSDA and Old Town Monrovia.

Erin also currently runs a non-profit, She-Is, which teaches dance to young survivors of sexual abuse, prostitution, and sex trafficking to help them regain confidence and love for their bodies.  $1 per person, per class, goes directly to her organization.